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Svenska kyrkan

More than you believe …

Svenska kyrkan, or the church of Sweden, approached us with a desire to reach out with the important work they do that, unfortunately, is often hidden behind the scenes. Plenty of people know that the church does good deeds, but generally not how or in what areas.


Members of Svenska Kyrkan need to know, and be thanked for, what they actually contributing to. We wanted to create an emotional but honest film that using simplicity to show the breadth of Svenska Kyrkan and the mighty heart concealed behind all the hard work.


Social media offer the opportunity to reach a broad target group in an effective manner. Since Svenska Kyrkan is for everyone this makes social media even more suitable. The main message signals gratitude for both the work and the contributions that its members help to realize.


Trials, happiness, crises and joy. WE face them all during our lifetimes. The film "The Life Journey" symbolizes and shows how the church follows us through life. How they welcomes people into its warm embrace.


The film has been published on Facebook and the website of Svenska Kyrkan in Örebro. The film has received many appreciative comments, likes and shares in social media. Other dioceses, outside Örebro, have also chosen to use the film.

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