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Lärarnas Riksförbund

With the member in focus

Creating a new digital platform for one of Sweden's largest trade unions (within Saco) is a challenge. But if the homework is proper done and the work agile, it will be much easier to streamline that work. And develop smart functions for the user.

A website in time

Lärarnas Riksförbund provides teachers and study and vocational counselors with support and security in working life. Our mission - to create a website with the member in focus, and the purpose of securing the existing member and generating new members. The key words for the Lärarnas Riksförbund are strong, relevant, personal and present. These have been in focus during work in everything from development to customized content. Through an agile working method, a very close collaboration with the customer in a number of analyzing workshops, frequent reconciliations and meetings, we created a website with clarity and efficiency for the union's members.

What is important? And what isn’t?

By conduct surveys and analyzing the visitor's behavior and demands, we were able to work out a web start-up for the project. That made it possible finding out how member’s needs, their actions and actual behavior, and how they wish to interact on the union's web. Perhaps the most important step in achieving goals and purpose by finding out what the visitor needs and really wants.

With a comprehensive website like Lärarnas Riksförbund, a content inventory is also necessary. Together with a comprehensive SEO analysis, we can target the content directly to the target groups and ensure that they find what they are looking for where they expect. During development we have been working in an open test environment, a beta version of the web. That makes it possible to constantly test and iterate through user tests, prototyping and sprint demos.

Focus and new experiences

A big and important project where we have used all our competencies, which contained all possible parts. A wonderful collaboration where we constantly learned new things. We have worked together with the customer in everything from analysis, content inventory of existing web, UX/UI work, copy platform, design and website development to control documents such as comprehensive web strategy, manual for communicators and also implementation of various tools.

The work has been going on for more than two years and Lärarnas Riksförbund's new website was launched during the summer 2019.

Would you like to know more?

Contact Malin Håkansson, Head of Studio/Project Manager
+46 701 84 44 28