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Bought By Many

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We care for the ones who take care of animals

In 2020, when Corona hit the world hard, a lot of people decided they wanted pets. Pet sales rocketed and so did the demand for pet insurances. Together with pet insurer Bought By Many, we created a campaign to tap into that new demand.


Bought By Many was established in Britain by pet enthusiasts who were fed up with the traditional insurance companies’ ways of creating services for pets. Based on insights from thousands of pet owners, they created a completely new type of pet insurer. In 2019 they entered Sweden and turned to Strateg Agency for help with communications.

The challenge

The aim of the campaign was obviously to sell insurances. But as the brand is fairly unknown in Sweden, so we needed to create general awareness too.

The solution

We used out of home advertising to create awareness, and a classic DM campaign to ensure exposure in narrow target groups. But the main part of the campaign has been seen in social and digital media, where we have used behavioral data to target relevant people with relevant messages. To ensure relevance and communications from throughout the marketing funnel, over 60 different assets were created and pushed in different channels.