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Urban Poverty Fighters

SDI is the world’s leading organisation fighting global poverty. Since a few years we help them develop a clear vision, their brand and a strong voice of the urban poor. We have also created a clear visual identity for them. Our work has involved people from all continents and the brand story and identity is now alive in over 30 countries.


SDI is a global movement of the urban poor, over 12,5 million people are a part of the organisation and almost all of them live in slums. On one hand the organisation needs a brand to unify their voice all over the world to attract new people to the organisation and appear credible to large donor organisations. On the other hand, a grass roots movement must keep it very real and close to its roots, so we have to tread very carefully.


SDI needs to attract new, younger members to keep the organisation vital, vibrant and strong. To reach a younger crowd of slum dwellers, we have worked with role models. We turned to slum dwellers who have worked in local communities, and later have travelled the world to inspire more people to join the movement. The basic insight was basically to use ambassadors to create aspirational communication.


The concept we came up with was “I am a urban poverty fighter”. It’s as simple as it is powerful. It has been published all over the world, in this case we created an outdoor campaign in Stockholm in order to create higher awareness amongst Swedish politicians. We bought ad-space on ten of the poster sites closest to the parliament and 4000 posters on the subway and commuter trains in Stockholm.


The brand material is used in all countries where SDI is present, and it’s highly appreciated by the slum dwellers. The Stockholm campaign also attracted organisations to support SDI in the future.