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The braingeneer challenge

What attracts today's technology engineers? Toyota Material Handling was looking for the right employees and we were commissioned to create an Employer Branding campaign.

A challenge to challenge

A world-famous brand with strong values and culture - is that enough to catch the employees you want? The assignment was to create a campaign for the target group that was identified as ”Hunters” - hungry, engineered engineers with power. Thee are digital and triggered by challenges. We created an idea based on the target group's competition instinct and the desire to meet challenges that are not solved by anyone - a true braingineer.

Get out now!

The solution became a digital game in the shape of an Escape room. The player is locked into a digital warehouse and should get out in the fastest possible way by breaking various tricky challenges. The game was developed and designed and the message clear: Get out now! The campaign also included a strategy for social media where clues were published regularly.

Got what it takes?

The game is filled with sublime details and clever comments. The tone is cocky, humorous and a little provocative, while the design should appeal to the target group's technical expertise and interest. A top list and the chance to challenge like-minded people got our Escape Room to be noticed by more. And also, the mention Merit for Commendable Sites by Awwwards 2018. ”This is to certify that this website has received recognition from the Chiefs, Professionals and Tribe of the Awwwards community as an example of skills and creativity in web design.”