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Together, we make a difference

KPMG is a leading global advisory, tax and audit firm. We have had the pleasure to work with them for more than six years. In 2019, the main project was to revitalize their EVP (Employer Value Proposition) and build assets and communications to bring that promise to life different channels.

The essence of the strategy

For many years we know that people in general are interested in making a difference at work. And the ability to be an agent of change, is one of the strongest propositions in modern employer branding. But when we looked deeper into what making a difference really means to people, we got confused. Very few can specify and really nail what they mean by the phrase, so we turned things around and based the communications concept on a question instead.

The campaign concept

We used the question How do you want to make a difference? as a leading theme for the communication. By turning things around, we could reach people in different segments, with different backgrounds and different expectations – and invite them to KPMG to make a difference. In communications we wrapped it up in the proposition, Together, we make a difference.

How we did it

We created a strong EVP-model and a clear message structure, that forms the basis for all employer branding. And then we go to work on creating films about the employees where they express how they make a difference at work, we also created a new image bank of employees to be used on the career pages. And we developed an engaging game to reach students and other young people at events and online.