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The business partner of the future

When the construction company Herok gathered their affiliates under the same flag it was natural to find a common expression. And to create a new website with clarity. When everybody is striving in the same direction everything become much more simple.

Highly flying plans

Hyrlift, Byggmaskiner, Truckbolaget and XL-bygg were to, preferably overnight, become Herok all the way. A change that required focus, effectivity and cooperation. This is the construction company that gives their customers more. Simply a business partner. Strateg got the assignment to create a common expression that feels pure, clear and modern. A graphic profile and a new tonality that can be found in everything from new website to branded lifting
devices and new office templates.

Brave, wise and strong …

Thanks to strong values one of the goals were to really get the co-workers onboard and get the right feeling. Together with the customer we created a brandbook that explains the values very
simple and clear. The keyvalues were coupled to well known expressions that also were pictured. Brave as a lion, wise as an owl and strong as a bear.

… and kind

Within the company they have worked in the so called Bamse-perspective – strong but nice, for a long time. Herok is active and supports among other things sports associations and other local
compounds and several CSR-projects. The brandbook is a tool that can be used as an introduction for new employees or as a reminder for coworkers and clients what Herok really stands for.

Good results

After having conducted some staff events and bit by bit changed and worked through all the material and looks from four companies, Herok has reached the goal step by step – everybody is on board and the four companies have become one. Both physically and in mind. The
website is a clear and structured platform where the visitor easy can find what they are looking for. Everything from e-commerce to contact. Heroks development continues and the transformation has been an obvious part of the success.