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Telia icon library

We see them everywhere – icons. They are part of presentations, web sites, apps, ads and all kinds of communications you can think of. The trouble is that they all look the same and are seldom really part of a company’s visual identity.

Creating icons

Telia’s brief to us was simple – Create a library of icons that are on brand and empower both storytelling and the identity. So far, we have produced over 150 icons and we keep on creating more.

The details

The foundation of the icons is a pixel grid. This ensures pixel perfection and a crisp look regardless of size. All vector lines are aligned to the grid to keep half pixels and blurry details to a minimum. Everything from document dimensions to stroke widths, lengths and radius of circles are even numbers. This is to ensure pixel perfection and to avoid decimal values when scaling up and down which leads to blurry icons.

The icons

The icons we have created for Telia are all unique. They are used to simplify and clarify messages in all kinds of communications. A typical function for an icon is to guide users online or to simplify the way we talk about our offerings. They can also appear on physical products or in our office space.