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SOS Alarm

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Kontakta Pär Pärsson
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SOS Alarm has the public responsibility for the 112-operation in Sweden. Each year, they answer over three million calls and dispatch help in one way or another. They are also a business, selling premium security solutions to both the private and public sectors. A few years ago, they appointed us as their lead brand agency.


The SOS Alarm identity was severely dated when we first met them, and it needed a total revamp. Our aim was to create a simple, yet strong identity that could work everywhere – in a new digital world, but also be part of how the office spaces are designed and how the brand sounds.


The core idea is based on directions in the shape of arrows, symbolising how SOS Alarm are coordinating and orchestrating other organisations to keep society help (police, ambulances and the fire departments). We also found inspiration in sirens, something that is a common denominator for the mentioned services.


We have created a strong identity that now is implemented in all their offices, digital platforms and all marketing materials. We have also created a digital brand space, where you can find information, guidelines and download all kinds of brand materials. Over the last year, we have also created an image bank with almost 300 images, digital games, several promotion films and campaigns to support SOS Alarm’s Public Affairs work.


The identity is not only implemented throughout the organisation, it’s highly appreciated and it continues to develop in new exciting ways.