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Which sustainability goals can we help you reach?

When Save the Children needed to increase the number of corporate donors, we didn’t ask what the donors could do for us. We asked what we could do for the donors.

How to increase the number of corporate donors?

Save the Children isn’t just one of the world’s best-known NGOs, it’s one of world’s most-recognised brands in any category. Nevertheless, its recognition among companies in Sweden was not where Save the Children wanted it to be. Specifically, they wanted to increase the number of annual medium-sized corporate donors, i.e. in the €25.000-40.000 range. But what could Save the Children do to encourage companies to donate at such levels?

Many companies struggle with their sustainability

During 2018, medium-sized corporate donors were required under new, Swedish regulations to start sustainability reporting. At the same time, they weren’t large enough to have their own Sustainability Departments or even Sustainability Directors. As a result, sustainability reporting became a new burden for them, as well as an area of competence where they direly needed support.

Become a Sustainability Partner and get support

Instead of asking these companies what they could do to help Save the Children, we asked what Save the Children could do to help them. In fact, everything that Save the Children does is already aligned with Agenda 2020, the 17 global sustainable development goals defined by the UN. So we created a new program — Save the Children Sustainability Partner — though which companies could collaborate with Save the Children to reach selected SDGs. This also meant that any company participating in the program was able to automatically fulfil their own sustainability goals — without any extra work.

The Save the Children Sustainability Partner program was launched as a digital service, and included a subscription-based communication package that automatically updated the digital channels of participating companies about their chosen projects. This freed up the communications department from that task, while simultaneously showing the world all the good that the company was doing.

A Four to One Return on Investment

It took only two weeks of running commercials on YouTube and LinkedIn for Save the Children to land its first Sustainability Partner. And looking back at the activity during the end of 2018, the overall return of investment was four to one.