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SPF Seniorerna

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Respect the seniors

Since a few years back, Strateg Agency have been working together with SPF Seniorerna to develop a strong brand and visual language. SPF Seniorerna is a leading organisation for senior citizens, with two main purposes: Working to influence policies to improve conditions for older people, and to create inspiring every-day activities for senior citizens.

The organization is constantly improving its ways of working and they are driving some really inspiring work to empower policy change for older people. And they needed a brand and a visual language to mirror that. Strateg Agency has helped SPF Seniorerna to create a brand platform. We have also created a photographic language and put together an image bank which is used in all channels that SPF Seniorerna operate in.

To increase awareness of SPF Seniorerna amongst 55 to 65 year olds, we have worked on a campaign in both traditional print media and digital/social channels. The theme is "Sometimes it feels best to talk to a senior". The campaign uses the images from the image bank and is entirely inspired by the brand platform.