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Region Örebro County, Yrkesvux

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Kontakta Elizabet Slivo
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Are you the true you? Yrkesvux – Du blir du

Standing outside the labor market, dreaming of a particular profession or a new start to your career is something most people experience at some point in their lives. Yrkesvux enables more people to change career paths and follow the right one.


We created a campaign with the goal of getting more people to discover that the raod to a new profession does not have to be long. And that it can be a whole new way to boost your self-asteem. Positive personal development through a vocational education that most likely results in a job.


The main message "Jag är jag – Du blir du" (I am me – You become you) was the focus when our idea became a film. We let witnesses people who have experienced the changebe foreground figures in the campaign and showed portraits of people who changed career-paths through vocational education. The main character of the film is one of our real-life witnesses. The film is based on the idea of the concept moving from dark to light and how life can move in a positive direction, even in a short time.


"Du blir du" calls for change. In order to be able to guide the visitors to studentum.se, a website promoting educational programs and enabling applications, we also created a text message service, which in a personal way gets the recipient to reveal more about their interests and likes and then points them to the website.


The campaign has been very well received. After being seen on buses and trains and in the organisation’s own channels. The commercial has been shown at local cinemas and is also available on YouTube where it has been exposed over 200 000 times and showed more than 83 000 times. The campaign resulted, among other things, in a doubling of visits to the website studentum.se and several municipalities in the county also use the concept.