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SOS Alarm

Let's be innovative!


A little more than five years ago, we developed a new identity for SOS Alarm. A lot has happened over the last few years, and it was now time to update the identity. A key component in the revamp was to create a visual expression that better conveys SOS Alarm’s work with insights and innovation.

What we did

First, we created a communication concept that works well with their overarching brand promise; With the future in mind. After a creative process, we landed in Listen to the future. And with that in place, it was easy to see how the identity could be developed.

Ready to launch

In early November 2021 the first parts of the campaign were launched in narrow and targeted channels. Its main carriers are short films in social media and digital ads. The refreshed identity consists of a warmer expression in films and images. We have also added graphic elements that adds a sense of innovation, and the color palette is complemented with more colors to empower a better user experience in digital channels.