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Kavat is the talk of the town – and the walk of the town

Many people know that Kavat is making quality children’s shoes. But that they also create adult shoes with timeless design, sustainability and focus on real craftsmanship is not quite as well-known.

Marketing plan with high ambitions

To reach the high goals for brand and sale we have been extremely tight in our cooperation. Seen each other as colleagues more than agency and customer. We like that. Together we created a marketing plan for what should be communicated, when it is going to be communicated and in what channel.  Everything from events, fairs and store materials to PR, sponsorship and ambassadors. Both for retailers and customers. 

– Strateg entered as our marketing department with a communicator and a strategic project manager. The cooperation has been very pleasant – we clicked immediately, have done great things and had fun together. It has been very easy working together since they understand what we want and need right away. Strateg creates customer value in everything that they do. I have never met an agency that is so straight forward and that I have felt such great trust in, says CEO at Kavat Magnus Ericson. 

Content in all channels

We developed the verbal and visual expression for Kavat. Which means that we even created a photographic manner especially for the adult collection. Through a close dialogue between our communicator and Kavat we could twist and turn the messages and get a higher commitment. We did it through newsletters, social medias, web, store material and much more. 

The concept as:new

Through the official as:new concept Kavat lives and learn their sustainability visions. This initiative will prolong the life for many Kavat-shoes. Customers are encouraged to leave their old, used or outgrown Kavat-shoes so they can get new life. The shoemakers of Kavat make them as good as new by looking them over, freshen them up, and provide the old servants with new shoelaces, soles, and other original parts that are necessary. And make them useful again. That way more gets to experience the shoes of Kavat. Used but as new. Time after time.