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Join Ellevio in electrifying Sweden


Ellevio deliver electricity through their power grids to a million customers in Sweden. This is a massive task, made even more complex when the country needs to accelerate the electrification in order to secure a climate smart lifestyle for all its citizens. To succeed, Ellevio needs to expand, digitalize, and futureproof its power grid. And to complete this mission, they need more people, which became the single most important message in this campaign.

New concept for communication

Join us in electrifying Sweden became the campaign theme. And with it, we aim to trigger positive emotions to engage people in the campaign. We have paired images of everyday life from all over the country to with specific job descriptions to convey a message of Ellevio as a leader in the electrification of Sweden and an attractive workplace.

The campaign

The campaign is running on TV, digital and social media and digital out of home in areas where Ellevio’s grids are present. Phase two has a stronger recruitment focus, which means that we have a stronger precense in channels like LinkedIn to attract the specific roles that Ellevio needs to complete their mission to electrify Sweden.