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Infographics make the complex simpler

Posti Messaging digitizes and automates documents, invoices and messages for different types of organizations. The company has more than 5,000 customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway and handles millions of invoices and document transactions every month.

A playful introduction ...

The assignment was to develop moving images to give the target group (CFO, CEO and other management functions in Norwegian and Swedish companies) a first introduction to the complex service Multi channel solution.

... with a clear message

The film will be used in sales meetings but also live its own life on the website, in social media and in emails. An additional thought from the customer was that they clearly wanted to distinguish themselves from the competitors’ materials and deliver warmth without losing the seriousness.

Speaker voice and product names were adapted to the Norwegian and Swedish markets respectively. The illustrations and the way of presenting the flow have also been used in other digital material.