Till huvudinnehållet

Hello, I am Telia Sans!


When Telia Company asked us to design a new body copy font, there were three main reasons for doing it. The first reason was economic – the existing font was driving huge costs in licences fees, and it wasn’t performing well enough in conversion and transactions. The second reason was a lack of digital capabilities of the old font – it was hard to work with and it had poor legibility. And the third reason was emotional – the old font simply felt outdated and not contemporary enough.

What we did

We did a lot of research into what kind of font we found most suitable for Telia Company and we did a lot of sketching to find a type that would sit well with the rest of Telia Company’s visual identity. And when we had a direction, we spent months of testing, using focus groups and live tests to see how different versions performed live in different channels. And finally, together with type foundry Letters from Sweden we created a font based on all insights and learnings.

Up and running

The font is now implemented and it works well in all different channels, from roll-ups to banner advertising.