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Trying to catch the Christmas spirit

The Swedish Christmas spirit is special: a mixture of old folklore, some modern traditions and of course food. Plenty of food. We did our best to capture that spirit on film for our client Grythyttans Gästgivaregård, one of the most prominent centers for high-end food and wine experiences in Northern Europe.

Mission: promoting the Christmas dinner

Our mission was to get more visitors to the Christmas dinners that Grythyttans Gästgivaregård traditionally serve during November and December. Almost every other restaurant communicated their Christmas dinner offers in similar manners: documentative pictures or videos of food, and people eating it. Very informative, but not very inspiring. The Christmas dinner segment needed disruption.

Trying to catch the true Christmas spirit

We wanted to do something different – to focus entirely on creating a feeling. We decided to presume that the potential customer already knew that the food is really great at Grythyttans Gästgivaregård, hence focusing on creating a feeling of mystique and trying to catch the true Christmas spirit on video.

We wanted to mesmerize people

Actually, 90 % of the food we filmed wasn’t even a part of Grythyttans Gästgivaregård’s Christmas dinner offer, but merely symbols for the Swedish way of celebrating Christmas. We wanted to mesmerize people with the colors and beauty of pink salmon, red apples and green kale, captured in slo-mo in a seductive light. To top that off, we added an old Christmas folk song, recorded acapella. The choice of music helped to create the brittle and sacred feeling we were looking for.

Result? Success!

So, did we get the result we were looking for? Oh yes. We only ran the film on social media during the last week before Christmas eve, but the result was very good. Plenty of new bookings were made, not only for the Christmas dinner but for the entire Grythyttans Gästgivaregård’s offers of food and wine experiences. The plan is to use the video again in 2019, starting off early to promote business Christmas events, but it will also run on social media in Q4, targeting the private segment.