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Getting it right in social media

The measurement service company Exact had a social media presence but had no clear guidelines on what to post, the language to use, or what channels were preferable. This made it difficult for them to work in a structured way to achieve their objectives and results – and it gave the target group a scattered impression. The solution is an engaging strategy and a clear activity plan.

Strategy and activity plan

In order to produce a strategy, we carried out a workshop with the marketing and HR managers. Based on the results, we created an activity plan and a guide to clearly show what content is to be posted, when, and in what channels. The guide also contained guidelines on tone and visual expression. And perhaps most importantly, who is responsible for what, who produces material, and who clicks on the post button.


Exact is primarily recruiting new employees in this channel. Measurement consultants are extremely sought-after, but Exact is attractive due to large projects, a lot of independence and responsibility, and perhaps most important of all, a great team spirit. People looking for a new job traditionally gravitate to LinkedIn. However, we noticed that this was not the case for measurement consultants, and we immediately moved that content to Facebook.

E.g.: Puzzles that the clever measurement consultants are asked to solve and tag their smart colleagues in. The initial post reached 1216 people, and 19 measurement consultants were tagged in the comments.


On LinkedIn, Exact can connect with customers and potential partners by disseminating knowledge and industry news. The construction industry has entered a digitisation phase, and in this regard, Exact is far ahead in terms of both offering and expertise. In this channel they show the projects they have been working on, what was unique about these projects, and how they solved the task at hand. Exact’s CEO also posts articles and gives personal reflections relating to the industry.

E.g.: Following the fire in Notre Dame, it emerged that Andrew Tallon, a pioneering architectural historian, had taken it upon themselves to make a 3D scan of the historic building, thus creating its digital twin. This is information that can be absolutely crucial in the restoration and reconstruction. The CEO shared this knowledge by posting an article on LinkedIn along with some personal thoughts on the subject.


Working as a measurement consultant often entails travelling and working in cool and beautiful environments. Some feel that a downside to the job is that it can get lonely out in the field. At Exact, there is a strong sense of “we” and they mostly work in teams. The team spirit and the cool environments are displayed on Instagram for curious measurement consultants – and it builds interest.

E.g.: Fredric taking control measurements on a dam in Gideåbacka. William and Jonas assembling pillars for the project E39 Kristiansand.


Much of the work has been about following up on content and exposure, and about calibrating the updates to get it right. We are continuously analysing the current trends within different social media and can quickly adjust and adapt the content. This has meant that Exact is gaining an increasingly large following – and the exposure has increased by 15 percent.

Ads to find more people

In order to reach even more potential employees, we carried out an ad offensive. With the concept “Close is not enough. It has to be Exact.”, we are attracting the right people to the right place. These are a few examples of how the concept has been used so far: