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From idea to a complete magazine – and repeat

Nytt från din Fordhandlare is the name of Ford’s customer magazine. It is delivered to every Swede who is the owner of a Ford that is less than 10 years of age. Strateg Agency produces all the content: we write the articles and do the layout, according to Ford Motor Company’s design guidelines.

Nytt från din Fordhandlare is published four times a year. Every edition has a production time of 10 weeks, which means we are more or less constantly at work with the production of the magazine. It’s a good thing we find this particular work very rewarding, creative and fun!


The purpose of the magazine is to strengthen the relationship between Ford Motor Company and the Ford owners – and to confirm their choice of vehicle. By strengthening the Ford brand towards the customers we’re making them feel safe and appreciated. That is likely to make them ambassadors, which helps to further strengthen the brand when they recommend Ford to others.


We create four different varieties of every edition, to match the different target groups. Every target group gets their own selection of editorial content, paired with offers that suits them perfectly.

Supporting the local retailer

Along with every edition, a thin folder from a local Ford retailer is added. In the folder the retailers can tell the Ford owners about their businesses and offer special deals to encourage people to visit the showrooms or book a service. Everything to make it easier for Swedes to enjoy, and get the most out of, their very own Ford.