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The feeling of becoming a parent for the first time

Having kids changes your life, undoubtedly, but we seldom talk about how it affects the relationship between partners. That’s something we’re changing together with Familjerådgivningen, a family counselling service.

How does the relationship change?

When two become three (or more, for that matter), new situations crop up in daily routines. Partners may not handle them in the same way, and naturally this can affect their relationship. The family counselling service wanted to reach out to first-time parents in Örebro County. They also wanted to make it easier for people to ask for help from the service.

Many experience the same emotions

We interviewed about fifty new parents in the county to find out how their relationships were affected. And we discovered that there were several recurring factors: respecting each other’s time, understanding the other parent, an altered sex life and a more stressful daily routine.

The film shows that you’re not alone

Based on the interviews, we dramatised a number of situations, creating a film that was shown at antenatal and postnatal clinics in Örebro county, as well as in digital channels. The different scenes can be watched individually or as a single film. The important thing was to ensure a sense of recognition and to prepare the target audience for the emotions they can expect.

Awards and applause

The film has been shown to family counselling services throughout Sweden and several other regions have expressed an interest in using the film in their work.

Swedish Media Festival

  • Gold for Best Target Audience Adaptation
  • Gold for Best Film – Nursing and Healthcare
  • Silver for Best Direction

The Publishing Prize

  • Gold for Best Information Film