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Everything starts with the target group

Communication is built on messages. And in order for it to fulfill its purposes, we must know who we are communicating with, where to find them and in what way they would like to meet us. An essential condition that is in no way obvious. So it’s great that Strateg can help to get it right from the beginning.

To start from the beginning

Knowledge about a target group is best gathered by asking questions, over and over again. We happen to be experts in this field. At the same time, we have learned that it can’t be done the same way time after time. Instead it has to find its way through adjustments and consideration of the specific communication problem facing us.

Who is the customer?

The first step is to find out what the relevant target groups are and then identify a persona that represents each group.  An archetype with characteristics, goals and values that teaches us how the target group acts and makes their choices. The Swedish part of Epiroc has been a client of Strateg and Diplomat from the beginning. When Diplomat realized there was a communication problem to solve at Epiroc, turning to Strateg was the natural next step.

The need to get to know the customers’ customer was essential. Not only for our upcoming work, but also for the five divisions at Epiroc to get to know both their own target groups and also each other’s, and to see the company as one unit. A synergy that turned out to be both positive and needed.

Do you know your customers? For real?

Companies often think they know exactly what their target group wants. This is a common misconception, with the opposite often turning out to be true. For Epiroc, investigations through in-depth interviews with its customers, as well as a workshop across divisional boundaries, created a new outlook on the Swedish part of Epiroc as one business. Once each group contained one salesperson and sales manager from each division, all voices were heard, and entirely new conclusions could be drawn. The workshop was conducted together with sales and marketing. The result was a solid basis for further work and development in an
unexpected direction. The reactions were astonishment and gratitude – from employees through to management. Once again, our work had proven to be useful on several levels.

And then what? How do you take on the target group?

Once the insights and results have been presented and delivered, the big challenge for many companies is, of course, – what to do next? How can we use the new knowledge and insights for the future? Strateg can help. A desk product that falls into a drawer is hardly effective. Of course, it is about making hay while the sun shines and letting the results be part of thoughts and decisions about future strategies and plans. Of course, everyone must be part of the new approach and understand that it is for real. Just like Epiroc did. This is where our work forms the platform for a completely new business strategy and serves as the basis for developing new communication solutions. It becomes easy to choose and to opt out. A smart strategy that is far from new but needs constant renewal and new angles.