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More and safer export transactions

Exportkreditnämnden (EKN) is an authority, but also a strategic business partner to exporting companies. EKN has a challenging assignment to constantly increase awareness about their different products and solutionsamong SMEs. Therefore, it is especially fun that the result was so successful when we created two digital campaigns together during autumn 2018.

Government and business partners

“The Export Credit Committee has the government's mission to promote Swedish exports and Swedish companies' internationalization. This is done, for example, by insuring export companies and banks against the risk of not getting paid, in order to be able to carry out more secure export transactions.”

EKN wanted help with strategy and concepts to create two campaigns for two different offerings and products. The goal was to make the marketing communication more content-driven and digital, with the primary purpose of generating qualitative leads and new subscribers of EKN’s newsletters for further processing. At the same time, they wanted to gain increased awareness about their offering to the priority target group, SME and local banks – all in accordance with EKN's communication strategy that Diplomat Communication has previously produced.

Strategy and concept

We developed a strategy for how, where and when EKN could meet the desired target groups in the best possible way in its external communication. Subsequently, a digital concept was created with a common expression that signalized the brand's foundation, while both products and offerings were specially designed to communicate with the various target groups.

Two campaign sites were created all the way from UX design, web development, main message, content production, layout and design to optimization and testing. In order to lead the visitor to the website, digital advertising was also added. In addition, the campaign setup was supplemented with target group-adapted digital e-mail messages for maximum effect.

Phenomenal results

Thanks to an agile way of working, regular measurements on the website and the conversion rate of digital advertising, as well as a close dialogue with the customer, there was the possibility of constant and rapid improvements. For example, Strateg adjusted keywords, conversion opportunities on the website and main messages during the campaign period. This had a positive effect on the result, several goals were exceeded several times, and the customer was quite satisfied both with the co-operation and the results.