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Dynavoice – Experience the Nordic sound

A website for audio lovers of all ages. An e-commerce design, a new graphic profile and a strong main message with its roots in the Nordic mill. Winn Scandinavia's brand Dynavoice delivers products for the perfect sound experience.

The Swedish origin

The enthusiast Tommy Wadensten founded Dynavoice in 1975 at the sea near Falkenberg – with the aim of offering well-built speakers with as natural, powerful and detailed sound as possible in each price segment. Swedish quality with pride and feeling. Sound is an experience and, in this case, a Nordic one.

Where the senses meet

With inspiration from Nordic design, the unique light and the power of the ocean's mockery, our idea of the Nordic sound was born. With authenticity and heritage as a starting point, Strateg created a website design to signal quality, the Nordic heritage, simplicity, feeling and power. The colors symbolize the different elements in a color scale reminiscent of the Nordic's unique nature.

Fine-tuned quality

We created a new logo and a pattern in the same line, graphic profile and the main message The Nordic sound. Patterns and colors inspired by nature and contrasted with straight lines that give thought to powerful sound and speaker design.