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Our mission was to make the Ullmax catalogue more modern and sophisticated, to give it a facelift. How did it come out? Like this!

This is Ullmax

Ullmax offers functional clothing for kids, men and women – for everyone who appreciates outdoor activities. The products are sold by schools and sports clubs, giving them the chance to earn some extra money.

Modern and sophisticated

When Ullmax asked the Strateg Agency for help, the mission was clear. During the last few years they had already updated their brand image; now it was time to give their graphic identity and especially their catalogue a facelift. It was time for Ullmax to be more modern and sophisticated.

A sense of nature

We created a new graphic identity that conveys affordable quality. The colours give a sense of nature and are soft, warm, colourful and at the same time calm. The palette is developed to match all kinds of settings and the colours of the garments.
We also created icons and graphics that guide the consumer. And whether it’s used in the catalogue or on the website, it works.

“It feels genuine”

Linda Ahlstrand, Product Manager at Ullmax, is very happy with the result.
“We and our customers like it a lot. It feels genuine, it gives a sense of nature and harmony and it suits our brand and assortment in a great way. Our catalogue is now well organised, which makes it easy for our customers to find inspiration and information about our products.”