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Venerable shoe company going back to its roots

In its new marketing, Arbesko takes a giant step forwards by taking an equally giant step backwards. The new design language and the new tone are based on this venerable company’s history, which is as fascinating as it is long. And on their pride in the genuine and authentic craftsmanship they represent.

Shoemaker since 1839

Since April 2017, Arbesko is a part of the holding company Bergman & Beving. In conjunction with this, they wanted to rethink their approach to all communications. Strateg created a concept that is exemplified by their new payoff: Shoemaker since 1839.

Genuine. Local. Craftsmanship. Pride.

Arbesko has a history that’s well worth telling. What started back in 1839 as one of Sweden’s first wholesale shoemakers is now a market-leading company generating annual sales of around SEK 190 million – and manufacturing safety and occupational footwear of the highest quality in what is now Sweden’s only shoe factory. So instead of simply mimicking the competition, they’re now highlighting their unique history and genuine craftsmanship.

Oxelösund and Umeå

As of now, all product names will be Swedish place names. Places that in some way or other are associated with the development of a particular line of shoes. These names will add to the genuine and authentic feel while also celebrating both the company’s heritage and the fact that Arbesko shoes are still made in Sweden.

How to make a high-quality shoe

Arbesko develops and produces footwear for professional use, for people who spend their entire working day in safety or occupational footwear. Footwear from Arbesko is designed to meet all conceivable requirements for lasting comfort.

Arbesko requested a film presenting their business, focused on their manufacturing process and their core values: Genuine, Personal, Craftmanship, Premium, Down to earth, Pride and Nordic.

It takes a professional

To gain an understanding of the work being carried out, we started by visiting the factory. We followed the shoes throughout the manufacturing process and talked to the professionals themselves – the people who actually make the shoes. We learned about the different steps and their importance. Based on this knowledge, we picked a few steps and asked a number of employees to participate in the film.

Genuine with warm atmosphere

Our aim was to create a film that shows exactly what Arbesko stands for. We wanted to highlight and illustrate the legacy of the industry. It was important for us to create a documentary-like, warm atmosphere, and to reflect the pride they feel. We blend slow motion and close-ups with images of people in the factory, showing their genuine handiwork and craftsmanship. The overall effect is lifted by epic music – specially composed for this film – and by reinforcing the audio track during certain steps, such as the nailing of the heel, the backing and the stroke test.

The film was primarily intended for Arbesko’s board, but has also been shown to retailers and end users. Internally, the production received a wonderful response from employees, making them even prouder of their work after seeing their day-to-day efforts portrayed in this way.