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Your fitness friend

We have been on Actic’s side since 2013. It all started with a brand platform and a rejuvenated visual identity. This strategic work led to a brand promise – Din Träningskompis (your fitness friend) that today is implemented in all touchpoints with the brand. We have created advertising, outdoor, radio and online. We have created employee handbooks to bring out the brand in the gym experience, we have been on their side when the web site and apps have been developed and we have even designed interiors for Actic’s over 250 gyms in Sweden, Norway and Germany.


To stand out and reach people’s hearts and minds in a very competitive marketplace. Gym communications are stereotyped and very little differentiates the different players. Actic’s target group is another challenge, as it spans from 20-year old students to senior people over 75 years old, who like to go swimming a couple of times a week. We need to develop one brand, that is relevant and attractive to all these groups.


Our main insight is that no research has ever showed that information about physical activities, lead to physical activity. In other words, you can’t tell people that they should workout; they will get it, but not do it. So, we have developed other ways of getting interest and our message through. Another insight is that the biggest barrier to continue training over time, is that people don’t feel at home and secure at the gym, so we opted to break down that barrier.


Twice a year we have created national outdoor campaigns to create reach and impact for the brand. And we are continuously creating digital and social campaigns that builds frequency and transaction. The main concept is always Din Träningskompis in different shapes and forms, depending on media and target group.


Over the last five years, Actic has had a steady annual 15% increase in sales.