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A brand identity with many opportunities


In 2020, employer organisations KFO and IDEA were merged to form Fremia. Strateg Agency have been a partner to KFO for many years and we got the assignment to provide the new organization with a visual expression that they can live and grow with for many years to come.

Why is the visual expression so important?

Some say that in the digital era we are living in right now, a visual identity is not as important as it used to be. But we don’t agree, a strong visual identity have never been more vital. But the digital media landscape puts new demands on an identity. The possibilities to reach out are limitless, but it calls for an identity that is easy to adapt and develop over time without losing its distinctiveness or clarity. And that’s the kind of identity we have developed for Fremia, along with a framework that directs how all communications should look, sound, feel and be experienced.

An identity with an enormous brief

A visual identity consists of an array of parts that when put together, creates a uniform entity. The communication that Fremia creates ranges from technical and legal parts of contracts to inspiring marketing to attract new members. With the new identity in place, all these briefs are easier to pertain to.