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What lead management is – and how to excel at it

Start small and scale up. See how more and more leads come rolling in. Increase your company's market share. Piece of cake? We had a chat with Leif Goldkuhl, account director at Strateg, about how to get going with lead management.

What is lead management?

It's about identifying and locating target groups, and managing them in a database. It’s about what their problems are – and showing that your company can solve them. Quite simply, a way of finding new customers.

Sounds exciting! Tell me more.

When you digitalize and automate communication using this model, new prospects will land in your inbox day after day. And the more you excel at it, the more customers you’ll get.

So, how do you excel at it?

First and foremost, you need to know what and where your target groups are. It's about hygiene. If you have a CRM tool or database of some kind, that’s great. But you can also start with smaller smart solutions. Then it's time to combine Inbound marketing, i.e. having a solution ready for customers looking for answers to their problems, with Outbound marketing, where you actively go after your target group with your offer. And remember to involve sales, communication and marketing. Everyone must be on board.

What happens when you do all this right?

Plenty! You can increase customer share and market share. Find employees and suppliers, too. It’s a way of systematically picking up everyone interested in your company – whoever they are.

How “lead” is your business? Find out at lead.strateg.se

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