Till huvudinnehållet

The future of marketing in focus under The Point 2019

On 13 March it was once again time for the Diplomat Group to throw the doors open to The Point, meeting point for inspiration and knowledge concerning the latest within communication and marketing.

During the course of the day several of the current areas of concern for the communications and marketing managers were focussed on. Our experts were there and gave the visitors valuable tips on how to succeed with their marketing in the future.

Joakim Norman, creative at Strateg, held a conversation about the importance of the AI assistants for the brand with MatHem, Google and Strateg’s own brand strategist Pär Pärsson. We also looked closer at the future for Influencer marketing together with a renowned panel under the direction of Strateg’s social media director Amanda Granlund. Take a look at a summary video of the day here.