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50 competences at your service

We checked out how things are going for you. And things are going well, but everything happens so fast, doesn’t it? Suddenly it’s not just marketing and communication that have landed on your desk, but also sales. And for some poor souls even IT.

This is how it works

We establish with you where we can be most helpful. Perhaps you need an updated website, a brand movement, a values initiative or a detailed SEO setup. Quite simply, we try to identify what’s missing so you can reach your goal. Once we’ve reached an agreement, we get going. And start delivering.

We’ll stay in touch

While work is in progress, we hold regular joint reviews. It’s important that we’re on the same track. During these meetings, we also discuss how we can become even more effective in the future. It’s about what has worked well, and what hasn't. We work very closely and we get to know each other, which paves the way for an excellent collaboration – and outcome.

This is right for companies that:

  • understand that communication is important, and want a sales-driven approach
  • want a fixed monthly outlay
  • want constant access to the right competences
  • want a coordinator available when needed
  • want a monthly follow up of budget and schedules

Curious to know more? Phone Leif Goldkuhl (070 184 44 09)