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Join us at Strateg

We strive to be an equal team where we challenge and help each other while growing collectively and individually. Also, we have fun.


We are curious

We always try to do things differently. Our curiosity makes us go that extra mile and create something unique.

Creating the most innovative customer experience and the most engaging communication means learning new things from the world and people around us.

It is about using new technologies and letting ideas emerge from many different perspectives. 

Change is constant and we will never stop evolving. We never want to.

We are brave

We are brave enough to create communication with purpose and meaning. We realize that operating in our industry carries a great responsibility. We will always try to make the better choice for our clients and in the end, to society as a whole.

We take an active part in creating sustainable communications, digital solutions and experiences.

We are brave enough to challenge the status quo to create change, regardless if we are talking about evolving business or our community. We will always challenge our clients in this direction. And we hope that our clients will continue to challenge us.

We do it together

We believe that co-creation is the best way to create relevant communication in a fast-changing world. We see ourselves as a community where clients, partners, employees, freelancers and students work together to create outstanding solutions.

By sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas, we help each other to grow as professionals – and as people. Our community is based on transparency and trust, and no one is more important than the community as a whole.

We have fun

We work with exciting projects and we have fun doing it.

We celebrate, cheer and laugh together.

It is a great way to fuel exceptional work – but most of all, it is just the way we are.